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  • Chinese Characters
    Our handwriting recognition tool helps you to self study Chinese character writing in correct stroke order.

  • Pinyin Pronunciation
    Our pronunciation training and correction tool helps you to self study and command Chinese pronunciation at ease!

  • Interactive Animations
    Mimic real-life situations to help you immerse in online learning environment and self study Communication Chinese at anytime, anywhere!

  • Interactive Chinese
    6 levels, 60 units, 180 lessons, short story series for scenario based learning!

  • Online Teacher
    Hanban certified teachers and our real-time virtual classroom enable us to provide personalized learning solution and VIP service to you!
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Interactive Chinese:The courseware contains 6 levels with 180 lessons featuring animated scenarios, an advanced pronunciation recognition tool, and simulations to practice the language anytime, anywhere!
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Pinyin Pronunciation:Our unique pronunciation learning tool gathers all Chinese Pinyin elements and tones which help you to pronounce Chinese accurately!
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Chinese Characters:Learn how to write over 1000+ commonly used Chinese characters with our handwriting recognition tool and vocabulary library.
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Hanban certified teachers, our real-time online virtual classroom and multimedia courseware package enable us to provide you with VIP service and personalized learning solution!

Elaine , I teach regular & business Chinese and have taught more than 40 students (age range: 7-65) from USA/Japan/Korea/Britis......
zhao MR. , I emphasize the teaching of conversational rather than textbook Chinese. With this method, students learn to have a gr......
Niuxiaojing , I am a teacher with 3 years of teaching experience in teaching Chinese. I am positive, full of enthusiasm, and thought......

Upgrade to Specialized Chinese after your completion of Communication Chinese. Meet your learning needs in specialized area and with flexible 1-to-1 or group teaching of your choice.

HSK Chinese:Provides guidance courses for all levels and is designed specifically to meet the new testing standard of the HSK Test
BizChinese:Mimic real-life business situations with flexible learning modules selected to suit individual Learners' needs.
Journalistic Chinese: Unique and practical Journalistic Chinese with flexible learning modules selected for individual learners' needs.
Learn Mandarin with Interactive Chinese on a 3-DVD set. Install the software on your computer and access it anytime; at home, in your office, or even while you are traveling.
Available for language schools and educational institutions, Interactive Chinese can be installed to run as a Virtual Chinese Language School. The internet version allows the institute to use the blended model, online and offline learning, to teach students and monitor their progress through the Learning Management System.
In response to the global demand of iPhone users to learn Mandarin, the Interactive Chinese courseware has been adapted for the iPhone and is available through the Apple App Store. This edition has the best of the worlds: it has kept the most important, original features of the online edition for effective learning while bringing you the convenience and unique experience of mobile learning. All 180 lessons that contain simulated dialogues to mimic real-life situations in China are now available in the palm of your hand. For your mobile learning anytime, anywhere in the world!